Hosted Contact Center Solutions

Neel networks hosted contact center solutions are one of the supreme hosted contact center technology platforms available today. If you are a MNC looking forward to divest an extent of your saddle from your contact center, or if you have a petite business enterprise without a system to hold up a full contact center talent, but you still want to deliver your clients with state of the art care, Neel networks Hosted solutions can settle in to your needs. Neel networks hosted call center is a network-based hosted multi- lodger, multi-media contact center system that blends all communication channels, counting Web, Email, Text, Video and telephone IP connections as well as your contact center applications and systems will be upgraded and maintained by our hosted contact center efficiently.

Neel networks is hosted from its state of the art data centers and our contact center delivers a network-based, completely managed set of contact center applications. To deliver advanced level of concern and constrain matchless fulfillment, Neel networks plan hosted contact center solutions. Our hosted data center holds all your contact center data and voice technology necessities. With bare minimum investment and without any costly principal expenditure, you will be able to acquire a hosted contact center with us. We have been offering a very cost-effective way to deliver hosted contact enter solutions to our customers. Without locating and purchasing a new equipment Neel networks allows our clients to set up a hosted contact center quickly.

  • While working with Neel network hosted center solutions you won't need additional procedural personnel. Profound technical familiarity is not necessary. By means of a web based interface, we present you an effortless and trouble-free management to supervise and modify your application.
  • While gaining augmented employee retention, you can also add expert workforce from your office or remote agents. Thus our hosted center services allow your business to expand to a broader pool of accomplished personnel.
  • The hosted platform is operated and owned by our partner itself. So need of additional infrastructure, software hardware or support costs. Thus we offers you minimal or no operating expenses or capital investment.
  • To find your application up and running quickly, minimum set of connections are required allowing you a speedy execution.

A hosted contact center is a heart of customer withholding, discernment and interaction. By eliminating or minimizing principal operating expense, you can save huge amount of money. This is the one of the best rewards offered by hosted contact center solutions. To lift up your degree of customer contentment and customer reliability, exploit the latest intelligent technology in hosted contact center solutions. We help obtain and maintain more of our valued customers through our solutions. We provide elevated degree of security with wide-ranging facilities that our hosted contact centers are hosted in leading data-centers across the country. Our hosted call center delivers comprehensive contact center applications that can tackle all customer necessities.