Internet Leased Line Services

For those organizations which require a rigid always-on connection with guaranteed high service level agreements, and no conflict ratios, leased Line Internet Access is the perfect choice. Generally private voice or data telecommunication from two different locations is connected by a leased line. Leased lines can cross both long and short distances very proficiently. It is a reticent circuit between two points, working even without the presence of a dedicated cable. Switching is the most imperative practice which uses a single open circuit. It is very much dissimilar to the conventional telephone services. They used same lines for several diverse conversations.

Neel networks have alliance with the nations' fastest service provider. We facilitate extending applications and maximize employee productivity services through security, intelligent networking and collaborative efficiencies for maximum profitability. With Neel networks internet leased line services; you can accept and send huge amounts of data easily, quickly and safely.

A range of bandwidth options are offered to select according to the client's purposes. Our ample collection of services will give your business with a cost effective and locked connection that is committed for your company's application only. To guarantee highest uptime, we offer connections that are managed 24x7.

  • Performance tracking - we give you online usage information that enables you to check bandwidth. It can also help you in planning your future upgrades. Another benefit of performance tracking is that, you can customize plans according to your specific requirements.
  • Advanced service - providing round-the-clock methodological know-how, 365 days a year.
  • Fully managed & guaranteed service - frequently monitored and proactively managed service that emphasize on quality.
  • Choice of plans - low bandwidth simple monthly plans to higher bandwidth plans.
  • Connection options - choose from a wide range of Leased Line lines.
  • Service availability - guaranteed 24x7 Internet availability circuit without any interruption.

Neel networks internet leased line services can supply an array of options to fulfill the bandwidth requirements of your business. A simple plan with a fixed annual charge for a given bandwidth is the most common option. On the other hand plans covering usage per MB, or higher bandwidth are offered. To ensure it is available for your business at all times, Neel networks carefully monitor each leased line 24×7.

  • Foremost Service Provider in Asia Pacific to win the Cisco Managed Services Channel Program certification.
  • First to execute Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)
  • First National ISP in India
  • First managed IP network in India.

Neel networks has proficiency, full-grown processes and familiarity in setting the values for the industry in search of our mission of ensuring client enchantment. Remember, we're working with India's leading provider of end-to-end services of network security and application services. You can grow your return of investment, expand your business capabilities rapidly and augment your business output with our steadfast services that offers standard uptime.