Managed Voice Services

Neel networks provides a complete set of voice services. Many organizations have outsourced the management and maintenance of their voice services to Neel networks. Our offerings are comprehensive and less expensive. .Right from the network to customer property tools, Neel networks create a single point of contact for the management and maintenance of your voice system settings.

In count to all features of traditional telephone systems, the inclusion of an IP-based voice communication system with various cool features make our managed voice services a unique one. Customers can outsource the management and maintenance of their telephony communications to Neel networks with faith. Our managed voice service backed by voice NOC and 24x7 support of our network.

  • You want to integrate your high standard applications to your telephone system.
  • You want to cut down the maintenance cost of your telephone system.
  • You want to update your conventional telephone system by a very inexpensive method.

Both operation and construction of data communication and voice services are integrated with our Managed Voice services. No extra internal telephone network either at the center or at the sites is required. This is because the system is totally based on and incorporated into the data network involving your company's center and sites.

  • High availability, low PDD and steady above average ACD.
  • Carrier class Infrastructure- CISCO, Genband.
  • Flexibility: Our Managed Voices service is intended to gratify all unique requirements of your organization.
  • Uninterrupted transmission: back-to-back management of the connection can be ensured, since during the stipulation of the service Neel networks can supervise the partner's router and LAN.
  • Maximum performance: Throughout the dimensioning of the IP backbone network, we take care to ensure compliance with necessities for the class parameters of the given traffic division. The system can support high traffic loads at short notice. Also under normal conditions, we pay attention to avoid congestions to occur anywhere in the network.
  • Service guarantee: No need for constructing separate voice or IT network. Through integration, the dynamic use of access lick band width is achieved.
  • Cost-effective Telecommunication system: You can have telephone calls among sites and to other destinations with the use of IP-based voice transmission. And without any additional costs.
  • Neel networks guarantee you one-stop service that ensures complete centralized management to all data and voice communication issues.
  • Since Neel network systems perform the network management related tasks, you can concentrate on the core activities of your organization.
  • We guarantee a full repair of faults with the exact timeframe.
  • Adequate intervention and continuous network monitoring is offered.
  • We helps you to gain faster return from your investment and enables low operating expenses.

With our partner, Neel networks provides high quality voice origination and termination services throughout the country. Our experts are available 24x7 to deliver services seamlessly.