Video Conferencing Solutions

In the early days it was a pretty difficult task to host a web conference. In those days to enjoy the convenience of internet meetings, you had to buy an expensive device, download and install a web meeting software for this purpose. Nowadays holding meetings online has become more common. If you have a browser and an internet connection, you can log into the web and take part in a webinar or host a web conference. It includes both a video and a web conference. Generate a rationalized Internet marketing strategy and meet with your prospects face-to-face using our web conferencing and video conferencing services. A converged network infrastructure offers the additional benefit of quality service and traffic-engineering.

Meeting online has never been this easy with Neel networks video conferencing solutions! With both mobile and fixed line operators in India, Neel networks with our partner provide sky-scraping superior termination services and web conferencing solutions which interconnect directly. With portion of the cost others charge, Neel networks offer you a better-quality Video and Web conferencing solutions. Video and Web conferencing services offered by Neel networks enables you to keep in touch with your clients, business contacts and employees. Anyone around the world can log in and join in your internet meeting and webinars. With new browser based web conferencing services and webinar software Neel networks has taken web and video conferencing services a step ahead.

Currently millions of minutes of global web traffic for our enterprise and retail customers have been handled by our system. Neel networks distribute a carrier class soft switch with redundancy to provide routing, as well as control, in real time. As needed, and when needed for your online meetings, all you have to do is click into your online conferencing room, and it prompts you to invite webinar participants, activate audio and video, and exchange information. Change your camera selection on-the-fly along with mixing and matching different cameras in the same online meeting.

Neel networks continuously optimize your system processing power, bandwidth, and its state-of-the art server cloud. Neel networks enhances the excellence of your video conferencing practice, which is restricted only by the video capture hardware and bandwidth available to each webinar member. And when it comes to using headsets and webcams, Neel networks helps there too. Our web conferencing solutions allow an operator to distantly control the computer of another participant. While online participants can share applications and open and examine common documents.

Many educational institutions are using our webinar services to connect with their students. Also many social and religious organizations rely on Neel networks to connect with their members from a distance Neel networks is ready to start your testing right now with standard peripherals and existing networks. By working with Neel networks you can avoid months-long implementations, network re-engineering and expensive hardware. You can enjoy high- high-speed, quality video conferencing right from your office. For conducting web seminars, online meetings as well as virtual webinar conference, Neel network will be your best partner.