Server Status Checker

This server status checker is designed especially for trouble shooting server service status from external network. When you want to check if the service of the specific server or ip address is up and responding. Sometimes you notice that you are not able to access certen server access from your network. It then becomes necessary to troubleshoot and check if its actually up or not. Using this tool from external network makes it easy to figure out where the actually problem is, wether it's your local network or firewall blocking or actually the server service itself is not responding?

Server Status Checker is a small utility that uses the internet control message protocol (ICMP) to ping the given domain or IP address on the given service ports. If it gets the reply then it shows the status of the service port as active and green arrow up. If service port is inactive it shows the red arrow down.

This tool is designed to check the FTP, SSH, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, HTTPS, DirectAdmin, CPanel, CPanel (SSL), WHM, WHM (SSL) and MySQL server services Ports.