Trace Route

Traceroute and Tracert are both diagnostic tools for different OS to get same output results on command-line. Traceroute is used in unix systems where else tracert is used in windows OS. It's yet another administrator diagnostic tool to check and measure the transit delays of packets from source computer network to destination host using internet protocol. It uses a sequence of ICMP packets addressing the destination host and determins the pathway, hops and time-to-live (TTL) between the souce and destination. From the output of the results you can know if there are any latency (delays), drops or any other issues in between the source and destination. Also the values in results displayed are measured in milliseconds for each packets. If used from Windows OS it sends ICMP Echo request packets rather than the UDP packets which are send by default on Unix Systems.

This traceroute is from Orlando Florida, United States.

Have patient while the traceroute performs in background, and expect an error message if you trace to something that is not ping-able.

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