IT Products & Networking Components for Corporate


Neel networks supplies a wide range of computer systems and products to meet the requirements of small as well as midsize companies. Our products include desktop computers to notebook computers. We also provide workstations like smart clients and think clients of different leading brands. Our specialists help you in deciding computer systems with right configuration that meet specific requirements of your company. Whether you are looking for a single computer system for your home or hundreds of computers for a big corporate, Neel networks can realize all your needs. For the last 14 years we have been providing quality brands for an affordable price.


Neel networks get the most out of performance, reliability and functionality of the server, while keeping expense within your budget. For small enterprises, it is much better to put up a healthy server with elevated levels of dependability than to submit that level of consistency and performance to all the network nodes. In Neel networks our experts will first go through your operational goals and technical needs for our system, then shift onto the design and congregation of the system. Another thoughtfulness particular to storage is expandability; and we can manage this efficiently with increases in storage requirements over time. Applications like SAP, ERP and CRM are also key factors to keep in mind.


The flow of your network data and its performance is very much determined by the network system components you installed and its connectivity. Thus it can be a major factor that affects the functionality of your business. Placing right network components can only increase the whole performance of your data transmission and accessibility. In Neel networks we provide a wide range of high end enterprise networking components including firewall security, gateways, routers, managed and unmanaged switches, multiplexers and media converters. We supply all these products of top brands that fit your budget and meet your requirements to the maximum.


Today it has become a common practice in every organization to convert their paper documents into digital, due to higher level of accessibility and safety. Neel networks supplies high resolution imaging devices as well as printers to accomplish your conversion requirements. In addition to this we provide you an all-in-one printer that is equipped with multiple functions like copying, scanning and printing which can be done through regular networks systems or wireless network systems. You need not hesitate to approach our organization if you are looking for dot matrix or laser jet or even networks printers and devices for networks printing. We provide all these products for an affordable price.


Connecting to internet without enough security measures to protect your data can cause great losses to your organization. A system without an antivirus is more vulnerable to get attacked by Viruses, malwares or spywares. Most of the internet providers do not install a good antivirus in their system until they got attacked. Only an advance firewall security can prevent them from stealing your data and destroying your computer security. Neel networks provide firewall security for network that can protect your systems from harmful viruses and hackers, through internet security gateway level firewall protection.


Office infrastructure security has become one of today's major concerns. The presence of a video surveillance system can help lessen to your worries to an extend .The system can monitor all the expensive assets in your organization. The system lively records everything while it is on and if you can review it later in case of any alarm. In Neel networks we design and supply video surveillance systems which are IP based, so that you can access them from any part of the world. We provide our customers very high quality products for an affordable price.


Neel networks is here to bring best possible solutions for your business, wherever communication is required. As a first-class telecommunication supplier, we guarantee more assistance, more honesty and better value for money. We carry out our supreme effort to provide you what you want, and more prominently, what you actually need. Our high quality telecommunication products are relied upon by several leading companies. We provide several telecom products like PBX, IPPBX, analog and digital voice gateways. PBX plays and important role in successful running your business. And we help you in selecting the right one that suits your needs. We have all the familiarity to work with you to renovate your telecommunication necessities.