Networking & Network Tools

Networking and Network tools are software utilities designed to diagnostic and troubleshoot computer networks. The most common tools that are found on major operating systems are Ping and Traceroute. You can always use the tools available on your computer network to figure out any network issues. sometimes it's very difficult to figure out network connectivity or server services reachability problems that we face in our office or home network environment. It becomes easy to diagnostic them through an external network outside ours. So here are some of very commonly used network testing tools but very useful when it comes to diagnostic a network and internet protocol.

My Network IP

checks the 32-bit number of ip address which has been asigned by your internet service provider and the one you are using to connect the internet from.


It will send internet control message protocol (ICMP) echo request to test the reachability of the IP or hostname.


It will trace the Internet Protocol (IP) network route through which path it going through and can all check the transit delays.

Who Is

Who is tool query the Whois database and display's the domain owner and address.

Server Status

Checks the status of the services running on the server are online or offline.